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IkebukuroIkebukuro is the place that very famous as a subcenter of Tokyo.You could access to Ikebukuro with many train lines, such as, JR Yamanote line and etc..Not only its convenience, but cheap house rent is also one reason that make this area become popular.

Meguro Meguro is the convenient place with easy access with JR Yamanote line, Nanboku line, Mita line and more. In Meguro, there are many embassies of each country and art museums locating around there that would make you feel not only its modern atmosphere but also the old days of the town.

UenoIn this issue, we would like to take you to Ueno, the place that was crowded with tourists and shoppers everyday. In Ueno, there are many interesting places that you could enjoy to buy the things with cheaper price in the various shops in Ameyoko and know about Japan more with its cultural facilities and more in Ueno Park.

KameidoKameido is the place that was combined with both the atmosphere of Japan in the past and the present. Kameido is not only the great place to live because there are many shopping arcades, but also suitable to take a walk and sightseeing around too. In this issue, we would like to introduce our recommended place in Kameido!

MejiroMejiro was known as a school zone because there are many school and university around there. May be due to the above reason, Mejiro is a very calm place although locating next to Ikebukuro.
With this issue, we would like to introduce some interesting place in this area.

NakanoA district that take only 5 minutes from Shinjuku by JR Chuo express line.
Nakano was well known as the district of subculture that always get the high rank of the place for living. There are also many shopping area and restaurant so you do not need to worry about your shopping if you live here.
And we would like to introduce our recommended place in Nakano in this issue. 

Nishi-shinjukuNishi-shinjuku also known as a newly developed city center of Shinjuku. There are many skyscrapers around this area, so that everyone would think about the business area when they heard about it.
But in fact, there are also many interesting places that you could relax and enjoy with them, such as, Shinjuku Chuo park, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building , shrine and more.

OtsukaThe town with the streetcar that you could feel about its history.
Since the streetcar arakawa line was started at 44 years of Showa period, Otsuka was become the main place of transportation. But after the wars, since the main place was moved to Ikebukuro, the liveliness of Otsuka are not much as in the past.
However, Otsuka is still full of the shopping arcades that was spread out from the station with enough its liveliness and convenience.

Asakusa Asakusa is the lively place with many events in a year, such as, Sanjamatsuri, Asakusa Samba Carnival and more. There are also full with many historical places with the atmosphere of Edo period that would let you able to touch the way of living of Japanese people in the past too.


xross Kagurazaka1

Tokyo1, Akagi Shitamachi, Shinjuku-ku

xross Waseda1

Tokyo1, Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku

xross Ikejiriohashi1

Tokyo3, Higashiyama, Meguro-ku

NOARK Minamiooizumi 2chomeⅠ

Tokyo 2,Nishiooizumi,Nerima-ku,Tokyo

Premium Stay Ochanomizu

Tokyo2, Sarugaku-cho, Chiyoda-ku



xross Asakusa1

Tokyo1, Higashikomagata, Sumida-ku



Kanagawa1019 Sinjo,Nakahara_ku,Kawasaki-shi

Near to station! Gentlemen OK!