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Town Report【Ikebukuro】

Ikebukuro is the place that very famous as a subcenter of Tokyo. You could access to Ikebukuro with many train lines, such as, JR Yamanote line and etc.. Not only its convenience, but cheap house rent is also one reason that make this area become popular. Anyway, Ikebukuro was known as a popular downtown area for young people and a competitive area for ramen too. With this issue, we would like to introduce some popular place in this area.

Town Information

Category : Object
Ikefukuro is the object of an owl that was known as meeting spot locating at east exit of Ikebukuro station.
In Ikebukuro, an owl was used as symbol of Ikebukuro that you could find it in many places, such as, police station, signboard and more.

Address : 1-28-2 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku,Tokyo

Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine
Category : Shrine
The god (Ujigamisama) of the west exit area of Ikebukuro station.
The year built of this shrine was unknown. But from the story of Yamatotakerunomikoto, this shrine have the merits of the deity for warding off evil, accidents and fire.
In recently, there are also known as the god of happiness and knowledge too.
There are a festival in every 4th Saturday and Sunday of September.

Address : 3-51-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku,Tokyo
Contact : Tel 03-3971-8462

Sunshine City
Category : Shopping Center
Not only the aquarium, but there are many amusement facilities, such as, observation tower, Namco Namja Town, planetarium and more.
You can choose to enjoy the facility that match with your mood in the day!

Business Time : Depend on each facility
Homepage :

Address : 3-1 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku,Tokyo
Contact : Tel 03-3989-3331

For Dairy Life

Keika Ramen Ikebukuro Sunshine60 Street Branch
Category : Ramen
The ramen restaurant that was popular with its Kumamoto Tonkotsu ramen.
Our recommended is Taro men(ramen with boiled cube pork and cabbage ).
Pu'ercha(chinese tea) that was provided for free is also well‐suited for the ramen.

Homepage :
Address : 1-22-13 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku,Tokyo
Contact : Tel 03-3981-1871

Times Spa Resta
Category : Spa, Public Bath
Times Spa Resta is the spa facilities that locating in front of Sunshine City.
There are many points that Times Spa Resta focused on, such as, using deep ocean water of Kumejima in Okinawa.
Not only a relax atmosphere, but there are also many body care services that both man and woman could enjoy with it too.

* The following person are declined to use.
- the person who less than 18 years old
- the person who have a tattoo

Homepage :
Address : 4-25-9 Times Station Ikubukuro 10th-12th floor, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku,Tokyo
Contact : Tel 03-5979-8924

Editor’s Note

After walking aroung Ikebukuro.....

The arcade center of east exit are crowded with people although it is a weekday.
Not only the restaurant and amusement, but there are many shops that everyone could enjoy their shopping also. So, we do not surprise why there are so many people here.
We are very enjoy when we could find the owl that was set in many places.

You also could enjoy with different atmosphere of the town just by walking out from the different exit of the station that we believe that it will make your everyday life become interesting if you live here.


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