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The guest house is...

The guest house is the accommodation that you could use it in the short term and long term also. Almost of guest house is already furnished, so you could start you life there very easy and comfortable. Recently, Guest house is becomimg popular in Japan that there are more than 500 guest houses in Tokyo.
The tenants in the guest house is not just only the Japanese, but there are many foreigners also that you could exchange your own cultures to each other. In the present, the using of guest house by the single man and woman around 20-30 years old is increasing due to the reason of its comfortable and its features, such as, opportunity to touching other culture, improving their langage skills, saving their money and etc..

The Difference between guest house, room share and domitory

Guest house in Japan is mostly managed by operation company not the owner, so you need to make a contract with the operation company.
In guest house, there are divided to common space and private space. A common space is the place that you could use it by share with other tenants, such as, kitchen, toilet, living room and etc.. And the private space is your bedroom that have its own key. Room share is renting one of a room in one apartment. In this case, the contract is make up between the individual, so there are not a caretaker and the room management, such as cleaning of the common space and etc., is by turn between the tenant. And the last, dormitory is one type of a room which you have to share not only a common space but also a private space with other roommates. Almost of the dormitory is equipped with bunk beds that your bed's space is your private space.
There is little less privacy than other the room types but its price is one reason that many people choose it.

Style of Use

1: live in cheap place to saving the money.
2: Using as Temporary accomodation.
3: Using for Business trip to reduce a cost.
4: No need guarantor.
5: Want to living in various places.
6: Lack of confidence to make friends but want to change theirself.
7: Do not want to living alone.
8: Want to meet with many people and make friends.
9: Want to live and have fun with many people with at home atmosphere.
10: Want to learn other languages.


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