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Please read our Term of use

We provide our service, the portal site of guest house "e-guesthouse", for our member to publish their guest house information to the third party to make a search for the guest house.

【The observance of the rule】
The member have a responsibility to observe our term of use and rules to use our e-guesthouse service.

【The revision of the rule】
There are the case that we would revise the rule without any announcement in the emergency time. At that time, we would publish the rule we changed on our web site.

【Changing the member's information】
In the time that there are some changes in the information that the member provided for us, such as, trade name, president's name, company's location and etc., the member have a reponsibility to notify us by the way that we specify as fast as possible.

【Cancellation of the membership】
We could cancle the membership without any announcement if the member have done the prohibitions below and also the following articles.
(1) When there is untrue information on the guest house information page.
(2) When there is untrue information on the document that the member apply to us.
(3) When there is a possibility that would discredit our service or disadvantage the user of our web site.
(4) When there is delay on the payment of our service fees.
(5) when there is the action that violate our regulations.

When using our service, the following actions would be prohibited.
(1) The action that invade the copyrights and the other rights of the other member, third party and also our company.
(2) The action that would disadvantage to the other member, third party and our company.
(3) The action that invade the privacy of the other member, third party and our company.
(4) The action that against the public order and standards of decency.
(5) Criminal acts and The actions that relate to the crime.
(6) The other action that we judge for a unsuitable action.

The withdrawal would be done at the time of end of contract. Anyway, in the case that you want to leave during the contract period due to some reasons, the member have to notice it to us before 1 month by the document.

【Equipment, telecommunication line and etc.】
The member have to prepare for their necessary equipment and telecommunication by themself to use our service. And the expenses that occur during using the equipment and telecommunication would be in the responsibility of the member.

We do not guarantee about the safety and the correctness of the information that our member published. And we also do not have any responsibility to compensate any disadvantage that occur with our services.
And we do not guarantee about the damage that would occur by the delay, intermission or closing of our services with any reason.

There are the case that we would intermission or closing our service without any announcement to the member in the following case.
(1) The periodically check of our system and in the emergency check.
(2) When our service could not be provide by the reason of fire, blackout and etc..
(3) When our service could not be provide by the reason of earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami and etc..
(4) When our service could not be provide by the reason of wars, riot, turbulence, labor dispute and etc..

We could closing our service due to the reason of our operation and technique. In this case, we would notice the member before 1 month by the document.

【The interest of delayed payment】
In the case that the service fees is not paid by the due date, the member would be charged for the 14.5% by the year from the due date to the date you paid. And the member must pay it until the date that we specify.

【Privacy information】
We will manage the privacy information of our members carefully and would take the responsibility to correspond with it.

When there are the legal action, The courthouse of Tokyo must be the first jurisdiction.

About the article that are not prescribe, following of the law or the result of counsel between the member and our company would be the solution we take.


nid chayamachi

Osaka1 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi

Tokyo International Share House Kawasaki

Kanagawa4 Watarida, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi

Tenroku House

Osaka1chome, Honjohigashi, Kita-ku, Osaka

T-Share Meguro

Tokyo2 shimomeguro, meguro-ku

Namba House



【Create Guest House】Itabashi-Nakajuku

TokyoNakajuku, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

7 mins from nearest station private room


Kanagawa1019 Sinjo,Nakahara_ku,Kawasaki-shi

Near to station! Gentlemen OK!

LAFESTA Nishi Waseda

Tokyo2 Nishi Waseda, Shijuku-ku

New share house in Shijuku!!!

Tokyo Maison Kichijoji

Tokyo2chome, Kichijojihigashimachi, Musashino-shi

The share house which in popular Kichijoji!