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September, 2014, the students of "Koshigaya Sougou Gijutsu High School" were published "Koshigaya Walker" (English Version), the information magazine as part of their project, purposes placed at the share houses for foreigners.

State of the project

Accordingly, some clients of e-guesthouse also ask us to put that magazine in their share houses. We are glad to follow it.
Let us give a brief introduction.

About Saitama Koshigaya

We would like to mention a little bit about the Saitama Prefecture Koshigaya of the magazine of ‘Koshigaya Walker’.

Saitama Prefecture Koshigaya (Koshigaya-city) is a city with a population of about 330,000 located in the southeastern part of Saitama Prefecture. There is nearby Saitama City and Kasukabe City, and also a relatively good location access to the Tokyo area.
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The "traditional culture", "natural", “delicacy" etc. of Saitama Prefecture Koshigaya have been introduced for foreigners in English.

You can also find the information of delicacies, Ramen and Japanese-style confectionary from the magazine.

"Hanada-en" is one of the vast Japanese garden. It is surrounded by many trees and beautiful scenery of the four seasons.

For the details, please click the following hyperlink of the "Koshigaya Walker”.
※Please check it when you can open the PDF file.

"Koshigaya Walker” Japanese version

"Koshigaya Walker” English version

Koshigaya of Saitama Prefecture which is near to Tokyo and Chiba, is off the beaten path travel destination for foreigners.
If you are interested in it, let's go travel!

That's all, Thank you for your reading!

※Really thanks for the owners of share houses and the students of "Koshigaya Sougou Gijutsu High School".


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