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Suginami Private room



Osaka private room
Itabashi share house
Nerima-ku house
Nerima, herb sauna
Amagasaki share house

"e-guest house" provides the information of guest house and room share for your wonderful life in Japan.

"e-guest house" provides the information of guest house and room share for your wonderful life in Japan.

Campaign Guest Houses

Domingo Ayase

1 month free rent!

foxhole guest house Shinagawa-Meguro

Quiet, long term stay share house.

Yokohama Bay Garden

campaign being held!20000 yen Initial cost off!

【Create Guest House】Higashi Fushimi

First Rent fee FREE Campaign!

【Create Guest House】Fuchu

The rent fee for the first two months would become 35,000yen!

Voice of the Resident

Good space ... Good friends here...I like this house!

Sea Pastel
Ms. I

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Town Report

Ikebukuro is the place that very famous as a subcenter of Tokyo. You could access to Ikebukuro with many train lines, such as, JR Yamanote line and etc.. Not only its convenience, but cheap house rent is also one reason that make this area become popular.


Meguro is the convenient place with easy access with JR Yamanote line, Nanboku line, Mita line and more. In Meguro, there are many embassies of each country and art museums locating around there that would make you feel not only its modern atmosphere but also the old days of the town.


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In guest house, there are many people from different countries living in the same place, sharing their daily life together. Living at guest house is not only sharing a room, but also there are several benefits, such as meeting and being a friend with people from different countries, opportunity of learning communication in other languages and culture by paying low rent! So, why you do not try to live in guest house once?


Share house FLORA Tsuruhashi and Momodani

Osaka5-5-45 Momodani Ikuno-ku Osaka-city , Osaka-pref

【Create Guest House】Itabashi-Nakajuku

TokyoNakajuku, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

nid minamimorimachi

Osaka2, Nishitenman, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi

Pal Skytree

Tokyo4 Kumukojima, Sumida,

J&F House Kansai2

Hyogo4, Minami-mukonoso Amagasaki-shi

Nobiroom hikarigaoka

Tokyo4 Tagara, Nerima-ku

Nobiroom Tagara

Tokyo2 Tagara,Nerima-ku


Learn By Doing

OkayamaHirata117-116, Okayama-shi, Kita-ku

International communication in Japan!

【Create Guest House】Ikegami

TokyoHigashi-Yaguchi, Ota-ku

7 rooms for ladies only. Clean and tidy!!!


Tokyo1019 Sinjo,Nakahara_ku,Kawasaki-shi

Near to station! Gentlemen OK!

【Create Guest House】Itabashi-Nakajuku

TokyoNakajuku, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

7 mins from nearest station private room

LAFESTA Nishi Waseda

Tokyo2 Nishi Waseda, Shijuku-ku

New share house in Shijuku!!!

Tokyo Maison Kichijoji

Tokyo2chome, Kichijojihigashimachi, Musashino-shi

The share house which in popular Kichijoji!